Teacher Websites

Below is a list of websites for Teacher use. It is composed of websites that offer tips, lesson ideas, and further information for ELL students.

Click HERE for a printable version that is subdivided by category.

Reading Rockets provides resources focused on improving literacy for students. It has resources and strategies for all levels of readers.

EverythingESL provides activities and strategies for teachers to use with ELL students. They also have lesson plans you can implement.

BCTESOL is a government website for BC’s TESOL. They have valuable resources for ESL students.

Primary Success has free handouts (poems, tips, and even support for parents) and is highly recommended for early learners.

Mrs. Hultenius provides sentence frames for very new beginners, or for those who need assistance in their writing structures.

OLSEL, Oral Language Supporting Early Literacy, has resources for ways to support oral language, sentence frames, reading fluency, phonemic awareness, and more. Below is a direct link to their section on sentence frames which includes FREE lesson outlines

Erica Hilliker, an ESL teacher at Forest Hills Public Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan provides resources for teachers. These are EL and SIOP resources that she has shared or collected from professional developments, conferences, training, and internet exploration.

If you need writing samples, the Write Source has many that have been categorized into grade level and forms of writing. It is also a great visual for showing students what they can and are expected to achieve.

HERE is a list of picture books that are excellent for SIOP lessons, but would also benefit all classroom learners.

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