This section features the eight core components of SIOP and the thirty features, including references and support for classroom teachers. The Blog also features posts about SIOP. Click on a button below:

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SIOP is about making content comprehensible for English Learners and stands for Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. SIOP focuses on offering research-based methods and ideas by suggesting ways to differentiate instruction in multi-levelled classrooms. SIOP is advantageous for all students, especially English Learners, by helping them attain the skills and knowledge associated with college and career readiness.

Our website provides teaching materials and ideas for implementing them in lesson plans under. The core components are the eight essential ways to teach language and content effectively using the SIOP model. We encourage teachers to become familiar with the 8 components, and begin implementing strategies into their classrooms slowly, and where they see appropriate. Various subjects will benefit from SIOP but do not need to be applied at the same time. Explore, Familiarize, Practice, and Reflect!