Below is a list of website appropriate for Grades K-2. You can also find more games at If you know games that aren’t listed, please comment below!

  • Reading instruction and reading games for students in PreK – 1. It’s hard to believe this site is for free!
  • This site offers more online interactive stories and activities for PreK and K students.
  • Tumblebook Library: Offers multiple grade levels a variety of stories that are read aloud to the student. It is also free and offered through the Fraser Valley Regional Library. Follow the directions on your bookmark or read here for instructions. Suitable for K – 5.
  • Kid’s Lab: A great site with tons of activities that are geared towards critical thinking skills. Try the reading comprehension section PreK – 3.
  • PBS Kids: This site offers the most game variety with characters children are familiar with. It also allows children to choose a level of difficulty. Suitable for PreK – 3.
  • Storyline Online: This site offers videos where stories are read by actors from the ScreenActors’ Guild. It is excellent for improving articulation and enunciation. It is also valuable for students K – Grade 4.
  • Arthur: A popular TV character that assists children with different focuses. We recommend the sequencing story game for K – 2.
  • Bernstein Bears: This site offers games, songs, and puzzles with characters students are familiar with for K – 2.
  • Clifford: The big red dog will help students learn reading and writing strategies for PreK – 3.

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