BC Ministry of Education Documents

English as a Second Language (ESL) services enable students whose primary language or languages of the home are other than English to develop their individual potential within British Columbia’s school system.

The primary goal of the British Columbia school system is to support the intellectual development of students. Enabling all students to achieve the goals of human, social and career development is a responsibility shared by schools, families, as well as the community.

Please see Policy and Guidelines below:

English as a Second Language: Policy, Guidelines and Resources:

ESL Policy and Guidelines, 2009

(PDF, 1.56 MB)

Anglais langue seconde : Politique et lignes directrices, 2009

(PDF, 1.29 MB)

ESL Learners: A Guide for Classroom Teachers, 1999

(PDF, 716 KB)

ESL Learners: A Guide for ESL Specialists, 1999

(PDF, 556 KB)

ESL Standards

(PDF, 2.42 MB)

Students from Refugee Backgrounds:

A Guide for Teachers and Schools

(PDF, 1.54 MB)