What is SQP2RS, “Squeepers?”

When introducing a new unit or text, SQP2RS [Squeepers] is a pre-reading method with only 6 steps. It is a strategy that assists readers with accessing non-fiction books, specifically textbooks. Students will gain confidence when reading new books because they will know where to begin rather than becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information on the page. Watch this short video that explains why SQP2RS benefits all learners. In this post, you will find an overview of the activity with resources below to begin implementing the strategy.

Here are the 6 components of SQP2RS,

  1. Survey: Preview the text.
    • Look at the pictures and captions.
    • Read the highlighted and bold words.
    • Read the headings and subheadings.
    • Think about what you are going to read.
  2. Question: List 1-3 questions you think we will find answers to.
    • Generate questions you think we can answer using the text. [similar to a wonder wall]
  3. Predict: List 1-3 things you think we will learn.
    • Think of facts that will be learned.
  4. Read: Read the text.
    • alone
    • with a teacher
    • with a partner
    • as a class
  5. Respond: Try to answer questions. Modify, drop, add.
    • Discuss which questions were answered.
    • Review questions that weren’t answered.
    • Eliminate questions that aren’t likely to be answered.
    • Develop new questions.
    • Continue surveying process.
  6. Summarize: At the end of the text.
    • Summarize what has been learned, orally and in writing.