iPad Apps for ESL/ELL Students

There are so many Apps available now that we’ve created a section on our website, HERE, dedicated to Apple Apps currently being used either in the ELL classroom or in other Langley classrooms. If you’ve already gone through that list, however, and still want more Apps, here are some websites that have their own compiled lists of recommended apps.

*Warning* some of these apps are for adult ESL learners, but we’ve tried to find ones focused on elementary/middle school aged students.

Monica Burns @ Edutopia wrote extensive explanations on 4 free apps that you should be using with your ESL/ELL students!

Educational Technology is created by Canadian Educators and hosts technology focused resources for teachers, students, and more. We recommend reading this list of apps for ELL students first, and then browsing for yourself.

mESL categorizes their apps into 4 categories: study aids, dictionaries & vocabulary tools, translation & pronunciation, and general language learning apps. Browse through the categories that interest you!

ESL Kidstuff created a list of Android Apps that you can use on your tablet.

If you want to recommend another website or a blog post that we should add to our list, please comment below!