Typing Websites

Writing is a necessary skill for all students, and with 21st Century Learning, writing also includes the manipulation of keyboards to present your written ideas. To hone the typing skills of students, and perhaps yourself, we’ve compiled a list of four websites that provide multiple games for varying levels. If you think you’re already a great typer, challenge yourself and others to a typing race.

EdTech Ideas compiled a list of various typing games on the internet that teach typing skills in a fun manner,

Arcademics is a fantastic resource for a variety of subjects and they categorize their games by grade or subject. To play their typing games, click on the title “typing” underneath the banner, “Play Free Games.”

Learning Games for Kids hosts 21 typing games all in one space! They vary from speed typing to paragraph writing and are great for all ages, including adults!

TypeRacer allows you, or your child, to race with typers globally. Once you’ve honed your typing skills, challenge others to races online and see who can type the fastest.

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